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The best possible products at the best possible price, to everyone

A van Huyssteen

The Outdoor Innovations Company & Outdoor Tactical has been in existence for long enough to know what the prepper, camper, survivalist, and security personnel, needs. 

From Body armor, produced locally with your specific requirements, and Highly effective Tactical grenades, to specialized fencing. 

From headlights to water bladders, from tactical belts to air rifles to self-defense blank weapons. 

The Outdoor Innovations Company & Outdoor Tactical stocks it all.

We strive to deliver fast, impeccable service to each and every client and our “HelloPeter” profile is proof of that.
We make it our business to get your order to you in the shortest possible time, every time. 

We value your feedback tremendously and take criticism gladly to build a better business to serve you, our valued customer, better.
The Outdoor Innovations Company & Outdoor Tactical strives to bring you a product range from home safety and defense to tactical accessories, from just lekker outdoor braaiing to outdoor activities. 

Everything you need in one place.
We strive to give you the best prices and the best service. 

With our online catalogs, we give you the ease of shopping for your products from the comfort of your home and to have your products delivered to your doorstep.
The Outdoor Innovations Company & Outdoor Tactical has a gigantic range of products that is ever-expanding. 

Try us, you just might end up with an extremely satisfying shopping experience and a big smile on your face.